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A Man Carrying a Friends Motorcycle with Driver in his Motorcycle, Viral Online

Filipinos were one of the most talented people in the world.  And we are very popular because of our talents and skills. A Facebook page named Rmn Iloilo has shared a hilarious video of a talented motorist who is carrying another motorcycle that is now viral online.

Here In the video, it is recorded by a group of friends that are showing the motorist riding his motorcycle, not only that what makes it amazing, it is because he is carrying another motorcycle in his back of a motorcycle while the driver of the other motorcycle was on it wearing a helmet.

The owner of the motorcycle above was the friend of the rider and probably it run out of gas or have a mechanical problem that caused it to not travel further. Good thing his friend thing brilliant but too risky solution and he could just bring him to the nearest repair shop. Truly Filipino’s are great when it comes to creativity and initiative thinking. This can be considered as talent and exciting is to see, however, it can also be dangerous that could be the result of a road accident.

Man Carrying

The video pf the talented motorist went viral. And a lot of netizens express their reactions towards the video.

Here is the video of a man carrying his friend’s motorcycle in his motorcycle amazed netizens.

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