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WATCH: Kobe Bryant Last Interview Reveals Plans Before Tragic Death

Watch Kobe Bryant reveals future plans before his tragic death due to a helipcopter crash in California.

In the video the famous basketball star was interviewed and reveals his future goals in his life and his advocacy of helping aspiring young basketball enthusiast.

In tthe interview the 41 year old basketball star express his achievement in the sports of basketball he noted “I loved telling stories and i love inspiring kids, providing them tools that gonna help them”.

The former Laker star noted that he will give back what he acquired knowledge on basketball by teaching the younger generation and also enchance their skills be more creative in many ways.

Kobe also stressed out the way to succeed is have a great confidence in self and to focus of what you want to do.

So many basketball fans becomes emotional on his death and shocked of the news, some express in social media their heartwarming condolences to the surviving family of the basketball.

Bryant wins numerous championship in NBA and has a nickname the Blackmamba for his tenacity in basketball, swiftness and precision 3 point shooting.


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