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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Viral of An Enrage Doctor “Tomas Joaquin Mendez” Against Mr. and Mrs. Paredes Road Rage

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action Mr. And Mrs Paredes goes to the program to ask assistance against a certain enrage Doctor named Tomas Joaquin Paredes who allegedly harassed them and even stone on their van.

According to Mr. Paredes they are in the right lane and going to the gasoline station and instantly they heard a sound and find out the doctor throw stones on their van.

The doctor throws harsh words towards them and even dont respect proven by ethics as a professional doctor.

According to Raffy Tulfo he will do his best revoke Tomas licence both in Lto and Prc, added by unjust fixation and child abuse.

As you can see in the video this not the first time the doctor involve in a road rage incident but still his arrogant attitude is still prevailing.

According to Mr. S Paredes “parang may pinagdadaana yung doctor at parang amoy alak”.

Idol Raffy noted “napakadelikado ang doctor na ito na hindi maka focus sa kanyang trabaho lalo na itoy isang surgeon at ma lagay pa sa pamahak ang kanyang pasyente”.

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