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VIRAL: Who is the Young Actress Complained in Raffy Tulfo

In this episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action comes Annalaine Revilla, Personal Assistant of a young actress. Revilla complained her immediate boss for her unprofessional dealing to her as she feels uncomfortable with her boss every time she is given task.

Raffy Tulfo and the girl co-host avoid to mention the name of the young actress to protect her identity and possible shame.

Many of the netizens wanted to identify the subject young actress in the complain but seems to somebody mention in the comments below.

We have copy pasted here the netizens comment and for those interested to know this young actress, just scan below to see who is the name of the young actress mention by the netizen.

We don’t suggest here that the name of the actress mention is the one mean to be of Revilla. But its up to you to judged.

You may express you comment here on the comment box provided for you.

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