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St. Luke’s Medical Center Releases Official Statement to Deny Tomas Joaquin C. Mendez as Their Doctor

The St. Luke’s Medical Center (SMLC) finally issued official statement regarding the connection of Tomas Joaquin C. Mendez to the hospital.

This is in connection to the road rage incident involving him and the government employee exchanging hated argument that went viral in the online world.

According to the printed official statement of SMLC management published here below, Mendez is their former ENT resident trainee but never a part of the hospital or in company as employee or affiliated with SMLC.

As the leading and the most respected healthcare institution in the Philippines, SMLC management also refuse to acknowledge medical practitioner like Mendez who has untoward behavior and respect of their profession.

As to recall, the video of road rage incident involving Mendez and government that went viral on social media spread like a wildfire, in this video Mendez is seen and heard cursing and throwing evil words against the government employee.

Another netizen also revealed that it was not the first time road rage incident the arrogant doctor driver involved in the traffic altercation.

This is the reason, SMLC issued official statement denying the connection of the Mendez to the hospital.

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Read here below the official statement of SMLC.

St. Luke's Medical Center
St. Luke's Medical Center

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