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Joaquin Domagoso Reveals His Celebrity Crushes

Recently Joaquin Domogoso, son of Isko Moreno, stated that he is an aspiring actor. The 17-year-old teen revealed his celebrity crushes; most of them are older than Joaquin.

He is the third child of Mayor Isko Moreno and Diana Lynn Tan who is currently trying his best to balance his showbiz life as well as his studies.

Talking about his celebrity crushes, he said, “Lahat na matanda, e. Lahat matanda.”

The interviewer asked him, “Pinakamaganda? Like, the whole showbiz?”

“Liza Soberano [21]. She’s the number one princess. After her, si Nadine. Si Nadine Lustre [25]. Sa GMA naman, like, my age, si Kyline. Kyline Alcantara [16].”

Joaquin added, “Si Dawn Zulueta [50]. She’s so pretty. I think she’s the best before ‘til today. Pinanood ko po yung ‘Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit’. Ngayon ko lang siya napanood.”

Until now, Joaquin stated that he remains NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Birth) as of now.

“Hindi po, e. Hindi pa po, e.”

“Wala pa po akong… in my family, bawal po talaga. Even my sister and me, until we’re, like, eighteen [years old].” He stated.

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