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Mariz Ishiwata Mother of Grade 1 Pupil Who Wrote Promissory Note Seeks Help to Raffy Tulfo

Mariz Ishiwata, mother of the Grade 1 pupil who was asked to write promissory note for the unpaid balance of P3,000.00 and later removed from the list of awardees come to seek helps to Idol Raffy Tulfo.

Mariz who was disappointed with the school administration treatment to her child. She then brought complaint to Action Radio with Idol Raffy Tulfo revealing the whole story how her child was asked to write a promissory note and removed from the list of awardees. She complained the school administration and particularly in the school principal of Our Lady of Lourdes in Novaliches.

According to Mariz, teacher of her daughter allowed her to take the examination in spite of their unsettled account. But the school principal reacted upon learning that certain pupil took examination without paying it. Her daughter then urged to write a promissory note without the knowledge of her mother

Mariz also added that the school administration had a plan to publicize it by writing the promissory note on the school bulletin board.

When the school principal learned that the promissory note written by the pupil of their school went viral online, Mariz explained that the said principal went to their house and brought peace offering to neutralize the issue.

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