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Gandang Gabi Vice: Aubrey and Troy Montero’s Secret Things Revealed

Gandang Gabi Vice is a segment were Celebrities and other TV personalities were being interviewed by the Host, Vice Ganda. This TV show had lots of surprises, funny moments that would made the viewers happy and relaxed. This show aims for entertainment and fun for all the viewers who are watching. Here’s one funny segment in Gandang Gabi Vice.

The celebrities featured in this episode were the Sweet and loving couple Aubrey and Troy Montero who stayed sweet and comfortably in love with each other for almost 15 years already, the couple shared their daring and intimate experiences with each other, inspiring the audience for their long –lasting love and undying sweetness. Vice Ganda, discovered how the couple enjoyed their mornings and vacation in the company of each other. The host made their answer some questions that made the audience laughed.

The couple also shared something about their intimate photos that made the viewers inspired of and laughed because of Vice Ganda’s funny interview. Please watch the video below.


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ABS-CBN Entertainment, Youtube

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