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Gandang Gabi Vice: Shanti Dope Sings Hit Song “Nadarang”

Gandang Gabi Vice is a segment were Celebrities and other TV personalities were being interviewed by the Host, Vice Ganda. This TV show had lots of surprises, funny moments that would made the viewers happy and relaxed. This show aims for entertainment and fun for all the viewers who are watching. Here’s one funny segment in Gandang Gabi Vice.

Here’s one special performance of Shanti Dope, the 16-year old rapper from Manila who writes songs from 2013, influence by the ideas of other rappers like Loone, Gloc 9 and Ron Henley. His style of writing songs were story telling. He was invited to perform in Gandang Gabi Vice to sing the hit songs that were always sang by Vice Ganda every time he appears on TV entitled “Nadarang “ and “Mau”.

Please watch the full video below.

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Credits to video: ABS_CBN Entertainment, Youtube

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