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VIRAL Now! Two Wives in a House: Justin Subala Complained Live-In Partner Kit Erickson Dolar with Ex-Girlfriend

Another episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action is making round on social media. In this episode appeared a single mom call center agent Justin Subala complaining to Idol Rafffy concerning her baby which is under the custody of Irlanda Dolar, the grandmother of her baby and the mother of her live-in partner Kit Erickson Dolar.

Idol Raffy was shocked after knowing that aside from Justin, her live-in partner Kit Erickson live another girl in the same house while Justin is living with her baby to other room in the same house. Justin could no longer tolerate the immoral happening in the house they are living which was also tolerated by Irlanda, so she decided to separate her live-in partner.

Justin proceeded with her primary concern which is to get back her baby. Idol Ruffy then help Justin and assisted her going to Bicol where her baby lived with Irlinda.

Justin was so thankful after she finally got her baby from the custody of Irlinda.

Watch video here:

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