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2018 Horoscope: Zodiac Sign of the Rat During the Year of the Earth Dog

People born during the year 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984 and 2008 are Year of the Rat according to Chinese calendar.

Rat is considered intelligent animal according to the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. It has the characteristic of being curious and charismatic. The Rat is persistent that naturally favors his personal interest that include his social and professional relationships.

The year 2018 is for the people born during the year of the Earth Dog. It is this year of rest with a long-term beneficial effect. During this time, natives of the year of the Rat must find themselves time to rest and recharged to the place away from the noisy world.

This year 2018, the Rat is forced to redouble efforts and maintain patient when it comes to his private life. The Rat also needs to be careful when it comes to venture into an investment which is hazardous and risky for Rat during the year of the Dog. Instead, he can discreetly concentrate on building new projects for it is ideal for him during this year.

Love, Birth and Dates

Within the family circle of the Rat temporary tension that can disrupt tranquility is normal that probably redound to a short-term separation.

During the Year 2018 of the Earth Dog, bachelors will be able to differentiate between ephemeral passion and true love. During this year, Rat who is sentimental by nature when it comes to relationship, he may not try to formalize his union by marriage during the course of the Chinese lunar year 2018, as to remember that it is not conducive for the Rat for marriage during the year of the Dog.

But for the brighter side of the Rat, this year is full of interesting encounters of new friends that inspire the Rat all throughout the year.

Work and Social Life

The Rat shall easily find opportunities to have new friends that can be developed to be a good business partners from the place away from home. Definitely, the Rat may travel more often than usual together with new business partners and collaborators.

However, the Rat must pay attention to possibilities of unexpected annoying situation. He will be accountable for his wrong decision in every professional activity to take. So, it is good for the Rat to remain cautious.

Rats color of the year 2018:

White, Lemon Green and Emerald Green

Compatibility and Favorable Time:

Dragon (April 2018), Monkey (August 2018), Ox (January 2019)


WOOD RAT (BORN IN 1924, 1984)

Opportunistic and pragmatic at the same time, the Wood Rat has remarkable flexibility. Precise, astute, intelligent, but also passionate and anxious, the Wood Rat stands out by his prodigality and his flair for business. The Wood Rat can excel in any artistic field, provided he manages to persevere in his efforts. If faced with a job or a lifestyle that doesn’t suit him, the Wood Rat can easily let himself wither altogether.

? FIRE RAT (BORN IN 1936, 1996)

The Fire Rat is the most generous of his peers, but also the most unruly. Fiercely independent, he’s however deeply devoted and chivalrous towards the persons he loves.

The Fire Rat is also the most restless and the most enigmatic of all Rats. Ambitious and energetic, even compulsive at times, few people are indifferent to the charm exuded by the 1st sign-animal of the Chinese Calendar. Extremely attached to his freedom of thought and action, the Fire Rat never accepts to validate an idea that he doesn’t believe. Always friendly and open to new relationships, the Fire Rat is nonetheless faithful to his partner when he decides to found a home. However, even if he remains very attached to his family, the Fire Rat won’t let someone putting the bridle on his neck. When feeling cheated or stolen, the Fire Rat doesn’t hesitate to spit fire at his perceived and real enemies.

? EARTH RAT (BORN IN 1948, 2008)

The Earth Rat is the most greedy and the most conservative of his peers. Highly intelligent, he excels in professions that require analysis and organization. Not as interested in the accumulation of money and riches of all kinds as other Rats, the Earth Rat nevertheless works to maintain cordial relations with those less fortunate than himself. Possessive, even stingy when material assets are involved, the Earth Rat may however, while he gets older, learn to appreciate the benefits of generosity.

? METAL RAT (BORN IN 1960, 2020)

The Metal Rat is the most jealous and most domineering of his peers. His thirst for recognition and admiration doesn’t seem to have any limits. Brilliant and ingenious when it comes to finding solutions to difficult problems, the Metal Rat however finds it very difficult to accept and learn from his failures. As he rarely enjoys any type of solitude, when he happens to be deprived of the unwavering moral support of his family, the Metal Rat becomes prone to depression. Smart and emotional when he’s in a good mood, it’s also important to note that he’s considered to be the most generous of all Rats.


The Water Rat is the most secret, but also the most tender of all Rats. Extremely pragmatic and farsighted, the Water Rat does not engage in a relationship unless he sees some value in it. Very sociable, enjoying a good chat, but also discreet and solitary depending on his mood, the Water Rat isn’t the kind of Rat who will seek the spotlight at all costs. Always charming and charismatic, the Water Rat excels as much in negotiation than in revenge, brilliantly combining humor and insight in his relation with others.

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