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Trending: Robin Padilla Reveals his brother BB Gandanghari is now an Uber Driver in U.S.

Robin Padilla reveals BB Gandanghari whose now working as Uber driver in the U.S. Beside of being an androgynous model in America, she also worked as an Uber driver.

This information is according to her Brother, Robin Padilla, based on the interview in ABS-CBN’s Magandang Buhay and also aired in  News Online this Wednesday, December 6, 2017  Robin Padilla Stated, that his sibling is in America being an Uber driver. He is worried about his brother because it’s U.S and he does not know what kind of people are in that country. He also said that BB Gandanghari crosses countries that no one knew about her. He also added that Bb is okay there.

Robin Padilla recalls his childhood moments with BB fighting each other as children. They were always together on those times. 80 % of Robin’s his childhood fights are because of BB teased by other kids. Of course he’s my brother, it hurts to hear those words. He will never forget their moments together. But it is different now because my brother is now a woman. 2016 when BB Gandanghari became a woman, legally approved by U.S court.

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