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Dengue Vaccine: DOH will Focus on Profiling and Monitoring Vaccine Recipients

DOH will implement Profiling and monitoring for individuals who received Dengue Vaccine.

World health Organization (WHO), disapproves National Immunization programs for the country.

According to Sec. Francisco Duque III Dengue is one of the cases be focused by DOH Sec. Duque III stated they will do a history taking that will focus on immunization and will do mandatory reporting on all hospitalized cases of vaccines regardless of their symptoms. According to DOH, if it had been verified that the manufacturer kept an important information, an option of refund of the payment worth 3 billion pesos, says Sec. Duque III, even 100 percent disclosure or not, those Vaccines that had not been used will be returned.

As recalled, according to Sanofi, they discovered severe dengue through research is in grade 1 and 2 with fever, muscle pains, bruises and bleeding. There were no findings of grade 4, 3 and dengue shock.

Duque states that children observed by Sanofi are in centrode environment but how about children from far places. World Health Organization promised to support DOH in their decision of pausing vaccines. WHO clarified that their past exposure of position paper did not contain recommendation to nations who implies vaccines in their National Immunization programs, hence, they gave references of do’s and don’ts.

According to the position paper were followed by the Philippines but vaccine was first implemented before the permission.

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