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Largest Pearl in the World Found in Palawan

A 34-kilogram pearl is said to be found in Palawan was surrendered to Puerto Princesa Tourism Office.  It is considered to be the largest pearl in the world.

City Tourism  Officer Aileen Amurao said that this extraordinary size organic pearl has been in the oceans of Palawan for a long time.  She was glad that it was surrendered to them by the one who found it.


The tourism office of Puerto Princesa, Palawan was expecting that the existence of this large pearl will attract more tourists in their place so she discouraged the people who also tried looking for pearls to stop destroying the biodiversity of Palawan. She added that removing giant clams from the sea when looking for some pearls or any gems can disturb the wildlife system  or creatures under the sea of Palawan.  One netizen revealed that the area where the giant pearl was found is now a restricted area.


Lots of people believe by confirming that it is the largest pearl in the world bigger than Kaaba or black pearl. In 1930’s, the pearl Lao Tze that weighs over 6.4 kilograms was also the largest pearl and said to be found also in Palawan.

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