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Read here! Comedian Ryan Bang and Girlfriend Sarah Jung Broke Up

After PBB, Ryan Bang made his way to the comedy scene nowadays. It can be seen how he can make someone laugh. In a brief short time, Ryan Bang will never make a dull moment. He never quits in making someone laugh and smile. Even, when it comes to dramatic scene.

Ryang Bang 1

Just recently, Bang is the guest of “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” and had been into a deep-rooted interview, considering taht he just broke up with his girlfriend. The interview was extremely amusing as he keeps on fuzzing his line. According to Bang, “Wala talaga,” he suddenly burst into laughter.

RYan Bang

Bang also mentioned to decline some offers coming from his home country, South Korea on a comedic role. And of coure for the reason of the splitting incident, with hi Korean girlfriend, Sarah Jung. He added, “Ayaw ko [sana makipaghiwalay] pero naintindihan ko kasi wala akong magawa eh,”  Bang had made privacy for the other statement protecting the privacy of Sarah Jung.

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