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Cop Survives Shooting As God Told Him “Put On That Vest”

St. Louis chief of police was ambushed and was shot in the line of duty.

For the first time a police officer who was shot speak out on television since the shooting happened, and asks not to use his name for security of his family.

As the officer recalls “It was a hot St. Louis July night like so many others I’ve worked before,” His overnight shift started out ordinary; July nearly was his last shift. The officer has a side job providing security in the Central West End. When a long regular shift to the department was completed, the heat was extreme and he had to take his bullet vest off.

He’d been finished “rounds” in the entertainment district for nearly two hours. Locking gates and checking doors. At around 4:30 am he notices some individuals on the street. According to the officer, they are just walking. There was nothing suspicious around those men but his hair at the back of his neck stood up when he heard a voice saying to grab his vest. And knew that it was God. He put back his vest on and says the decision saved me.

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