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A Famous RNB Award Winning Singer Once Worshiping A Devil Until God Spoke To Him

Chris Brown an award winning singer who worshiped the devil in gaining popularity and money. But then it seems that the devil that once helped him tried to ruin his life and ended talking about suicide. And now claims that he heard God’s Voice for the very first time of his entire life.

Brown posted on his instagram:

“When u tired of the fucking devil ruining your life and u hear God speak for the first time.
No one knows what I deal with on a day to day. The average man wouldn’t hesitate to blow his fucking brains out but that’s the cowards way out… Most won’t understand the genius and beauty in change and learning and the people who have devilish intentions will win in the short term. My soul will always be pure of heart.
What’s on the surface always looks like one big party but inside there is a little boy looking for help and guidance. People say “be a man”. Yeah, that’s right but it doesn’t take away any pain you really go through. I just wanna stay out the way and do music. Most importantly and great father.
I don’t have any more patience for anything that will cause me to self destruct!!”

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