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City In Mars? Is There Something That We Must Know?

NASA is covering up the truth!-UFO hunter claims that NASA has found evidence about a city in Mars.

A photograph of the red planet shows buildings and windows suggested by a group of alien conspiracy theorist, according to the British Publication Express which the photo was taken by NASA’s rover. They also claimed that NASA does something to prevent the public to know and covering-up the discovery.

Curiosity rover photographed an image which likely an apartment building in a section of what appears to be Martian City said the “Nature World News”. Scott Waring who get the photo from NASA’s website. Waring stated that the original photo was only in fingernail size, at 4kb only. While all the pictures are over 280kb in size.

Waring said that he found some dark structures alongside the ridge of a hillside with doors and windows once the photo enlarged. He also stated that in six years of investigating NASA’s photos he was able to find evidences of bases in planets in solar system and the mood.

Pareidolia- a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing similar shapes objects and patterns in textures such as clouds or rocks. This is what the scientists claim that the discovery of buildings, humanoids, ancient monument is somewhat a result of pareidolia.


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