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DepEd Says That The K-12 Curriculum Enhances Discussion on Martial Law

Marcos dictatorship has been whitewashed stated by some people. However can we bring back time to revise it together? Now, the Department of Education (DepEd) had disclosed that the coming K to 12 basic education program will enhance the knowledge of all student pertaining to the Philippine history, particularly on Martial Law.


This will studied under on the Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies) curriculum and will be much better learned first in the grades five and six. Learning the lesson will help garnered the aim of the DEPED in letting the 20th century understand the importance and what the country gained in preserving democracy.

DepEd stated, “We shall continue to enable our learners to remember and understand the country’s history and the impact of Martial Law to the lives of Filipinos today. We remain faithful to our commitment to promote critical thinking among Filipino learners; we encourage them to examine and rediscover the importance of this historical marker in bringing Filipinos together to build a nation everyone deserves,”

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