This is the First Time in Your Life You Can See Elephants Sky Diving. Incredible!


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This video is really funny. How can I imagine that this group of elephant skydive without a parachute, the turtle enjoy on a half-pipe without wearing a helmet. Well obviously, the turtle need no helmet because of its shell covering the entire body.

Another one, the ostriches were not even buckled riding on the roller coaster and the group of giraffe are doing well diving in a swimming pool without a life-guard.

I guess the camera man could not stop laughing while capturing the moment. Some says this just nothing but a commercial while other suggest that this is just a simple camera trick with the combination of the computer effect done by the expert.

No matter what it should be, but for me is enough that I stopped for a while from my work and laugh out loud while watching on it. This video is good for relaxation and to renew the strength exhausted from work.

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