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The video shows the fact about the allegation of missing OFW’s baggage in the airport. The short clip show one of the airport crews caught in the CCT opening bags and trying to get some important belongings from the baggage of the OWF or one of the bags from the plane passengers. The video clip [...]

Myanmar military search and rescue operation for the lost Myanmar military plane reported that they have found the plane. Some dead bodies and aircraft debris were found Thursday morning June 8, 2017 at around 8.25 am (0155 GMT), a spokesperson from the military’s information team told Agence France-Presse, the Rappler.com said. The commander in chief’s [...]

This video is really funny. How can I imagine that this group of elephant skydive without a parachute, the turtle enjoy on a half-pipe without wearing a helmet. Well obviously, the turtle need no helmet because of its shell covering the entire body. Another one, the ostriches were not even buckled riding on the roller [...]