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Two Seasons Island Resort & Spa Discovered “Kris Aquino” -Video-


Kris Aquino traveled in Island resort in Palawan at the Two Seasons Island Resort & Spa in Coron. Kris is so excited to travel around with Actress Erich Gonzales in Coron televise on her Morning Show Kris TV. He feels comfortable and amaze in the first eco-friendly island resort in Coron, Palawan.

Two Season ResortTwo Seasons Island Resort & Spa is environment friendly place in Palawan, located on a tropical peninsula in Malaroyroy, Coron Palawan. Two Seasons had a beautiful hotels, recreational activities, breathtaking views and entertainment there’s a lot to discover if you have visit in Coron, Palawan.

Two Season Island Resort & SpaKris is entourage the place with 16-hectare property with luxurious places in Coron Palawan. Kris and Erich feel the wholehearted hospitality and fresh air Two Seasons Island Resort. She also enjoyed roving around with his two child’s.

Kris Aquino and child'sIt will be amazing experience and excitement to visit this first eco-friendly resort at Coron Palawan. Kris and her staff experience beauty in nature on Coron, Palawan. Many viewers in Kris TV discovered now the Two Seasons Island Resort in Coron, Palawan.

Watch the Full Video Below and Kris Aquino on how the Coron, Palawan Best Places Resort?






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