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Virgin Island, Bantayan Cebu

Virgin Island Bantayan

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This Virgin Island is for SALE

Contact me:

Vince B. Ybañez
Property Endorser with Company I.D. #8210
Leuterio Realty and Brokerage
Filipino Homes International
under PRC Licence # 709
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or call: 09185906329 (034) 70447339)

The Virgin Island in Bantayan, Cebu is the perfect place for tourist destination to those who love travel and explore the newly discovered tourist spots of the country. Virgin Island is locally known as Sillion Island which has 390,000 square meters or 3.9 hectares total land area. The island is not developed yet so far, the reason that the island is described as “Virgin Island” by the foreign visitors.

According to Mr. Vince Guevara, owner and operation manager, there was a group of foreign visitors lodged in one of the Beach Resort in Santa Fe come to the island and explored the place. They discovered that the island has unique landscapes with powder white sand that can match of Boracay Island. Added to that, the island has super clear blue water that when you dive underneath the sea with goggle you can even see the object about 10-15 meters onward.

Now, Virgin Island is open to all domestic and foreign visitors. Click images attached to this article to learn about the type of cottages they have and room to stay in the island.

They have their personnel to fix your foods if you like them to prepare for lunch or dinner in the island.

See also the article Island Hopping to learn what to ride, how much to pay and how to get there. Also see captured pictures of the Virgin Island during our summer vacation in our Photo Gallery.

Virgin Island

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Bantayan Island, Virgin Island

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Virgin Island

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Sillion Island

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