Fountain of Justice: Bacolod Oldest Historical Landmark and Attraction

Fountain of Justice Bacolod
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Fountain of Justice is one of the city’s oldest historic landmarks. From this location historian of the province told that Jose Ruiz de Luzuriaga’s house was situated. The house of Luzuriaga was used as guerilla’s stronghold that destroyed the Spanish forces. In this house also the Spanish authorities surrendered to the forces of Bacoleños under the leadership of General Aniceto Lacson on November 6, 1898 during Negros Revolution. This is the place that Spanish governor Colonel Isidro de Castro signed the surrender document.

This is the reason that the Fountain of Justice was established in front of the Old City Hall of Bacolod. Until today, this historical landmark became the center of different activities like protest and rallies of different organizations, private and public movements and other political sectors.

Fountain of Justice Bacolod City
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Bacolod City
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