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Kota Beach Resort Bantayan Island, Cebu is Tourists Top Visit in the Philippines

Kota Beach Resort Sta. Fe Bantayan Island

Kota Beach Resort included in the top visit of tourist attraction in Cebu, Philippines

Santa Fe, Bantayan Island has made a name and becomes popular because of beautiful beaches surrounded the whole island. The super crystal-clear-water and the highway of sugar-like white sand are the two main factors that attract most of visitors both domestic and foreign.

Kota Beach Resort contributes so much of making Bantayan Island more popular not only in the country but to the whole world as well. The incomparable services of the staffs accommodating and giving warm welcome to visitors, room accommodations, sea foods and the fresh breezing air from the ocean  are the most wanted to stay longer in the place. It’s really a dream come true once you get there and experience the splendor of the island.

Kota Beach Resort is included in the list of Top Visit tourist attraction in Cebu City.

Kota Beach Resort Bantayan Island, Cebu

Yes Bantayan…It’s a dream come true

White Sand Kota Beach Resort

I can’t wait to be here again…



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  • Omagieca December 18, 2012, 9:28 am

    This is best from Cebu. I love my birthplace.

  • rosalie rivera May 16, 2016, 3:56 pm

    how long will it takes from the airport?

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