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Bantayan Island No.1 Beach Resort

Sugar Beach Sta. Fe, Bantayan

Sugar Beach Resort in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island is a tourists favorite destination both foreign and domestic visitors from all over the world. The beautiful beach with the crystal clear blue water and the powder white sand is the no. 1 factor that makes Sugar Beach Resort popular. Added to that is the world class [...]

Diving Spot Resort Sta. Fe Bantayan Cebu

Diving Spot Sta. Fe Bantayan Island

                  Diving Spot in Sta. Fe Bantayan Island is seemed to be unknown to most of the foreign tourists in the island of Bantayan but to all of the Santafehanon or to the native folks of the town were certainly familiar to all of them. This place [...]

Marlins Beach Resort Bantayan Island Beach Bar

Marlin Beach Resort

                  Marlins Beach Bar offers different kinds of favorite drinks such as imported liquor and other beverages as well as fruit juices like buko juice and many others by just simply giving your signal to one of the Marlins staffs then enjoy or you can go personally [...]

Marlin Beach Resort

The Beachfront of Marlins Beach Resort is one of the most attractive features of the beach in which I love walking barefoot in a long highway of powdered-like-white sand in the island. If you click images attached to this article, it will enlarge and let you see it in full view, then I’m sure you [...]

Marlins Beach Resort Sta Fe, Bantayan Cebu

Marlin Beach Resort

Thinking of the best place to relax and enjoy the summer vacation? Undoubtedly, you are thinking of Marlins Beach Resort in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Cebu. Without many words to say, simply look at the photos I have attached to this article I’m sure you will agree with me. I have been there last summer in [...]

Kota Beach Resort Sta. Fe Bantayan Island

Santa Fe, Bantayan Island has made a name and becomes popular because of beautiful beaches surrounded the whole island. The super crystal-clear-water and the highway of sugar-like white sand are the two main factors that attract most of visitors both domestic and foreign. Kota Beach Resort contributes so much of making Bantayan Island more popular [...]