Landlady Removed Roof of Pregnant Woman Renting after Non-Payment of Rent

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A pregnant woman gets her roof removed by the landlady as well as her door after the non-payment of rent.

Good thing that some of her neighbors help her fix the roof and make a temporary door because it started raining and everyone was concerned about her safety.


The Facebook user named Czairra Alliyah Cheng from Caloocan, Metro Manila posted the video of her pregnant neighbor. And the landlady was identified as ‘Aling Tess’.

According to her post on Facebook, the woman wasn’t able to pay the rent to Aling Tess because her husband got stuck in Bulacan due to the lockdown.

However, Aling Tess insisted that everyone should pay up the rent, including the pregnant woman. When the latter was unable to pay, Aling Tess ordered part of the house’s roof removed. The door was also removed.

Concerned about the safety of the pregnant woman and her family, the neighbors stepped in. But Aling Tess warned them not to interfere or she would also remove their doors.

Also, Aling Tess told them she’s not scared even if they report the matter to the barangay and file a case against her. According to Cheng, the landlady even tried to hit Cheng with the cord of a rice cooker, she claimed.

Cheng and the pregnant woman went to the barangay hall to report the incident. Moreover, the ‘Bayanihan’ law specifically stipulates that landlords are supposed to extend the grace period for the rent payment.

Based on the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, Republic Act No. 11469, landlords are told to “provide for a minimum of a 30-day grace period on residential rents falling due within the period of the enhanced community quarantine, without incurring interests, penalties, fees, and other charges.”

However, there are still many landlords who do not follow the law, claiming that they also needed the money from the rent so they can buy food.

Here’s a video shared by Cheng:

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