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Students love teachers who have a good personality and can be fun at times. Just like Mr. Jom Borja, a MAPEH Teacher in Pedro E. Diaz Highschool, who thought of a fun way to brighten up his class. For the requirements on his subject, he told his class that their notebook covers should be the [...]

The video footage uploaded by “Surigao S Spotted” on their Facebook page showing the two women fighting each other. The woman in white T-shirt attacking other woman wearing red blouse for an unknown reason. Today, it is easy for everyone to publicize and share videos and photos and even spread news and events all over [...]

Modern research proves that there is no good result for those children who have undergone traumatic experience from family and school. Considering that if parents were having no rights to do violent against children much more are teachers. This is the reason that this video becomes viral online which involves teacher maltreated Boy Scout pupil [...]