M-T: July 2022 Principals’ Test list of passers NQESH

The Department of Education is to release soon the official results for July 2022 National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH) or more popularly known as the Principals’ Test Exam, through a DepEd memorandum. NQESH 2022 will be administered online as part of DepEd’s proactive response to the need to prioritize the safety and well-being … Read more

Viral Now: Cagayan Governor Manny Mamba Criticized Teachers “Sumasahod Lang Pero Walang Ginagawa” Trends Online

Viral now in social media is the latest statement of Cagayan Governor Manny Mamba criticizing teachers stating “sumasahod lang pero walang gingawa” (receiving salaries but they do not do their job), In his latest interview in DZRH, the politician sited that there are many teachers nowadays that enjoying their salaries but they do not do … Read more

Watch VIRAL Video of Isabela Pregnant Teacher Harassing Boy Scout Pupil

Modern research proves that there is no good result for those children who have undergone traumatic experience from family and school. Considering that if parents were having no rights to do violent against children much more are teachers. This is the reason that this video becomes viral online which involves teacher maltreated Boy Scout pupil … Read more