Watch VIRAL Video of Isabela Pregnant Teacher Harassing Boy Scout Pupil

Modern research proves that there is no good result for those children who have undergone traumatic experience from family and school. Considering that if parents were having no rights to do violent against children much more are teachers.

This is the reason that this video becomes viral online which involves teacher maltreated Boy Scout pupil during the camping activity.

The said incident took place at the camping place of Cutog Elementary School in Isabela. As you watch video, you will notice the boy scouts were line up while in setting position and their angry teacher starts shouting to them. At the later part of the video, you can see the teacher starting to harass some of the pupil.

The viral video reach to the office of the Department of Education (DeptEd) Undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla. During the investigation, they found out that the teacher involved in the violence against children was pregnant.

Some comments from the netizens condemns the teacher saying, “being pregnant is not an excuse to harass the student.”

Parents of the pupils complained against the teacher hoping for the teacher to apologize for her wrong doing.

Watch video here:

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