VIRAL NOW: Alleged Teacher in Surigao Physically Abusing Student, Netizens Lambasted the Teacher

The video footage uploaded by “Surigao S Spotted” on their Facebook page showing the two women fighting each other. The woman in white T-shirt attacking other woman wearing red blouse for an unknown reason.

Today, it is easy for everyone to publicize and share videos and photos and even spread news and events all over the world using the social media like Facebook. The social media has become the powerful tool and the easiest way of spreading the news and rare events and express one’s feelings reaching the primary concern as much as possible.

This video of a woman harassing other woman was uploaded in Facebook and immediately went viral online.

As you can see, the woman in white T-shirt becomes aggressive attacking the other woman in red blouse even if school personnel were trying to stop the aggressor. She punches for several times and kick the victim.

According to the source “Surigao S Spotted” from the netizens commenting on the video, the middle-aged woman in red was allegedly a teacher, but some netizens claimed she was also a student. It was also noticed in the comments from the netizens that the incident was taking place in Surigao Del Sur state University Cantilan Campus.

Here are some of the screenshots from the comments of the netizens:

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