Jom Borja, MAPEH Teacher, Made His Students Cover Their Notebooks With A Picture of Their Faces

Students love teachers who have a good personality and can be fun at times. Just like Mr. Jom Borja, a MAPEH Teacher in Pedro E. Diaz Highschool, who thought of a fun way to brighten up his class.

For the requirements on his subject, he told his class that their notebook covers should be the picture of their faces. While the back cover should be the back of their head.

At first his students thought that he was only joking, but when they realized he was serious about it, this made his students laugh. When he shared this on the social media, netizens appreciated his idea and humor.

Mr. Jom quoted, “MAPEH Teacher ako at part yan ng arts hihihi”

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Here are some of the comments:

@Macky Alexis Publlico: Nagtataka na yata siguro yung mga pinagprintan nila sa comshop sir.

@Richvilma Villesco: Ahmmm crush, pahiram ng notebook.

@Lorie Dela Cruz: sir ang witty!


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