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Ex Pbb 737 Housemate Karl Lorenzo Gutierrez was arrested by Makati City Police authorities because of being involve in a fight in a certain bar in Makati City. According to Police Maj. Gideon Ines around 1 am a certain security personnel call their attention asking for police assistance wherein the said Pbb housemate is engage [...]

Top Trending topic online! Pinoy Big Brother 737 (PBB) announced Jameson Blake, Richard Juan and Zeus Collins are the latest regular housemate to be nominated for eviction, it was announce last Saturday, October 3, 2015. PBB 737 housemates Miho and Tommy were spared from the nomination process because they won in weekly task with their [...]

Top Trending topic online! Toni Gonzaga announce the latest evicted PBB 737 regular housemate last Friday, September 25, 2015. Margo Midwinter, the Filipino-British model was the latest evicted housemate from the famous Pinoy Big Brother 737 house. The “Independent Sweetheart ng Manila” garnered lowest public votes among the nominees which included Zeus Collins, Miho Nishida [...]

Zeus, Tommy, Miho & Margo are the Nominees for Eviction

Top trending topic online! Pinoy Big Brother (Kuya) give a task and different nomination process aired last Monday night, September 21, 2015. The housemate underwent a dance endurance challenge where they have to keep dancing and follow the dance steps on the TV screen for hours. Big Brother announce that for those who would give [...]

Top Trending Topic online! During the early Christmas Party of the PBB 737 regular housemate, Tommy admitted his feelings for Miho. But Miho said that she does not want to fall in love anymore as she does not want to get hurt again. The Pretty Boy ng Las Piñas told to Miho that his willing [...]

Top Trending Topic online! Pinoy Big Brother (PBB737) regular housemates “Bombshell Baker ng Paranaque” Dawn Chang and “Ang Hataw ng Rizal” Zeus Collins interpretative dance with the tune of a song “Love Me Like You Do” went viral online. The two (2) showcased their talent in dancing and showing their professionalism in the dance floor. [...]

Top Trending topic online! The Pinoy Big Brother 737 has decided to add another one housemate after the following eviction of three housemates last Monday, September 7, 2015.  In recap, the three (3) evicted housemates are Krizia Lusuergo, Mikee Agustin and Charlhone Petro. In the report last Tuesday, model Zeus Collins dubbed as the “Hataw [...]

Top trending topic Online! The Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) announced another set of housemates evicted from the famous yellow house, Krizia Lusuergo, Mikee Agustin and Charlhone Petro are the latest evicted housemates, September 8, 2015. Big Brother (Kuya) announce in a very first time that three (3) house-mates were evicted from the famous yellow house [...]

Top Trending Topic Online! Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) announce the newest housemate of the famous yellow house in the country, newest housemate Tommy Esguerra, a Filipino-American model entered the house last Friday night episode, September 4, 2015.  He was dubbed as the “Pretty Boy ng Las Piñas”. The 21-year-old model entered the PBB737 house on [...]

Top Trending topic online! Philip Lampart is the second evicted housemate from Pinoy Big Brother house PBB 737 regular, announce last September 4, 2015. Big Brother also announce that there is a new regular housemate named Tommy Esguerra. He was dubbed as “Pretty Boy of Las Pinas”. Philip was one of 4 other housemates nominated [...]