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Several netizens say that Kisses Delavin has an advantage for having many followers and fans because of her popularity as an actress. Recently, Miss Universe Philippines announced the top 7 delegates for the headshot challenge namely: Kirsten Danielle Delavin Rousanne Marie Bernos Maureen Christa Wroblewitz Steffi Rose Aberasturi Maria Corazon Abalos Katrina Dimaranan Leren Mae Bautista  Some netizens say that they [...]

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray announced that she will be gonna be one of the judges in Miss Universe Colombia next month. Catriona was born in Cairns, Queensland. She started joining the pageantry world in 1999. She bagged the Little Miss Philippines crown in Sydney at the age of 5. In 2016, she won Miss [...]

Manila- Catriona Grey finally reveals her plan after her reign as Miss Universe. Catriona is considered to be a milestone as for Miss Universe wherein she introduced a new standard of dedication, grace and standard of eloquence. Photo credit to ABS-CBN According to some credible newsite in the internet Grey is one of the most [...]

Watch Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray final walk as Miss Universe. Here Catriona words “as women to redefined our generation, I wanted my reign with a purpose from advocating quality education and promote awareness against HIV/AIDS” shed added “Thank you for mom and dad for supporting me, Paula and Esther for being a good mentor [...]

Recent “Selfie” photo taken during the pageant preparation in Miami featuring the Israeli beauty queen Doron Matalon and Miss Lebanon Saly Greige who appeared on the said photo smiling together caught the attention of the Lebanese netizen. The said “Selfie” photo of Miss Doron Matalon and Miss Saly Greige smiling together drew flack in Lebanon [...]

Ice Princess

                          Miss Philippines Ariella Arida declared as the new winner during the Miss Universe 2013 holding the title as “Ice Princess”. Decisions were based on a glam photo shoots during the 62nd edition of the Miss Universe 2013. According to the expert in [...]

Ariella Arida

                          Miss Universe 2013 contestant Ariella Arida proud to represent the Philippine country in her terno traditional Filipina attire during the Miss Universe National Costume competition, evening of November 3, 9:PM (Monday, November 4, 2:AM in the Philippine time)at Vegas Mall in Moscow [...]

Ariella Arida

Miss Philippines 2013 Ariella Arida poses in swimwear attire for the 2014 Yamamay Miss Universe Collection with all other 89 delegates from all over the world. Photoshoots were done in Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre in Moscow, on October 24, 2013. Yamamay is a brand of a top 10 organization in the world of [...]