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In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action Part 2 of Viral video of a arrogant man causes scandal in the streets named Karl Kaw goes to the program to clarify his side at part 1 to show the proof that he serve as a de facto soldier and the program [...]

In the latesy episode of Wanted sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo remember man who represents himself as a soldier and cause scandal in the streets and becomes viral in the internet. Now comes at the program to explain his side. At first he is so arrogant to go out to his car and throw some harsh [...]

Viral now in social media is a man causing commotion and scandal in the street with arrogant attitude goes enrage. The incident happen when he and the taxi goes on the same way, but in the video this enrage man is at fault because he is counterflowing. Even though he is wrong he shows an [...]