Raffy Tulfo Called on the Public to Silence Jovelyn Galleno’s Family

Concerning the continuing investigation into Jovelyn Galleno, the young woman who disappeared in Palawan last August, Raffy Tulfo made a statement. Tulfo stated that it was the last time they assisted them following Joebert Valdestamon and Leobert Dasmariñas’ polygraph test results were released. It appears that they are still being covered and are no longer … Read more

Jovelyn Galleno Update: Last and Final Statement from Galleno Family 

The missing lady family released their last and conclusive message on social media. Jovelyn was reported missing on August 5 after entering a mall in Palawan. Many at the time thought she was trapped within the aforementioned mall, but with the assistance of the authorities, it was discovered that she had taken a multicab to return … Read more

Leobert Dasmariñas Lie-detector Test Result

Leobert Dasmariñas, the primary suspect in the disappearance of employed student Jovelyn Galleno, has completed the polygraph, or lie detector test. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) office in Puerto Princesa, next to Dasmariñas, is where the lie detector test was administered. This is very different from Dasmarias’ original plan to conduct the test in … Read more

Jovert Valdestamon’s Co-Workers Claim Suspect is with Them on the Day Jovelyn Galleno Went Missing

Jovert Valdestamon’s co-workers said that the accused was with them when the crime took place. Jovelyn Galleno’s disappearance over the past three weeks has made her among the most controversial subjects available on the internet. In Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Robinsons Place was where the victim was last seen. According to reports, Jovelyn Galleno’s bones … Read more

JUST IN: A Case Against The Suspects Jovert Valdestamon And Leobert In The Murder And [email protected] Of Jovelyn Galleno Will Be Filed Now August 30

The absence of a young saleswoman in Palawan has sparked internet amateur sleuthing while a police investigation into the case has dragged on for three weeks. Since 22-year-old Jovelyn Galleno went on Aug. 5, following her shift at a business within a mall in Puerto Princesa City, unconfirmed stories have inundated online sites such as … Read more

Jovelyn Galleno DNA Test Result: Positive or Negative?

Sen. Raffy Tulfo has been contacted by the family of Jovelyn Galleno for assistance in conducting a secondary DNA test on the bones that were discovered on Tuesday. Jovelyn’s sister said in an interview with Raffy Tulfo in Action that just after her sister disappeared, local residents investigated the location but turned up no signs … Read more

VIRAL: Jovelyn Galleno’s Sister Jocelyn Galleno Discloses Latest Update

Jocelyn Galleno, the victim’s sister, has provided the most recent information on her missing sibling. After going missing at Robinsons Place in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Jovelyn Galleno became a hot issue on social media and the focus of several local media sources. Robinsons Place Puerto Princesa City’s management was able to present CCTV evidence … Read more