Jovelyn Galleno’s Disappearance was Only Planned by Someone Obséssed with Her?


The disappearance of a young saleswoman in Palawan has prompted internet amateur digging as a police study into the case has drawn on for three weeks since she went missing.

The disappearance of Jovelyn Galleno has become the most talked-about topic on the internet.

Various remarks from netizens were made public, and it quickly became a trending topic for everyone.

Many internet users now doubt the previously released DNA results.

A netizen speculated that Jovelyn Galleno could still be alive and being held by someone who is obsessed with her.

Jovelyn Galleno, went missing on August 5 after working at a business store within a mall in Puerto Princesa City.

On Tuesday, authorities said that Galleno’s personal things and a skeleton were discovered in a grassy location in Purok Pulang Lupa, Brgy. Sta Lourdes.

A wallet, identity cards, a vaccination card, and other personal belongings were discovered, which the Galleno family apparently verified were Jovelyn’s.

According to authorities, the DNA test results showed that the skeletal remains discovered in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, were those of missing 22-year-old Jovelyn Galleno.

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