Jonel Nuezca Dismissed From The Service

Jonel Nuezca’s service dismissal take effect as he was charged with two counts of Grave Misconduct and two counts of Conduct Unbecoming of a Police Officer. The police brutality that killed two Gregorios became viral back in December 2020. Netizens cursed at Jonel Nuezca and his “spoiled brat” daughter, according to the netizens who saw … Read more

Florentino Gregorio Asks Netizens to Stop Bashing Eliza Nuezca

Jonel Nuezca was arrested for killing two unarmed persons namely Sonya and Frank Gregorio. He shot them in the head and his daughter, Eliza Nuezca was called out by netizens because of her bad attitude. Eliza received a lot of hate comments and death threats because of her behavior. Florentino Gregorio, the husband of Sonya … Read more

P/SMSgt. Jonel Nuezca Daughter experience Trauma, says DSWD

The 13-year-old daughter of P/SMSgt. Jonel Nuezca exhibited signs of trauma. She and her mother are undergoing assessment, DSWD spokesperson Irene Dumlao told One PH’s ‘Sa Totoo Lang. P/SMSgt. Jonel Nuezca daughter was shocked when his father killed Sonya & Frank Anthony Gregorio. According to the report of the Paniqui Municipal Police Station, a crime … Read more

Singer Mystica defends PSMS Jonel Nuezca Went Viral Online

Ruby Rose Mauanay Villanueva more popularly known as Mystica is now topped trending topic on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Singer Mystica defends PSMS Jonel Nuezca, the police officer behind the killing of 52-year-old Sonya and her son Frank in Paniqui, Tarlac. Recently, Mystica uploaded a video shows her opinion on what happen … Read more

Jonel Nuezca Memes Viral on Facebook

Recently, the incident of police brutality by Jonel Nuezca, who killed two unarmed citizens in Tarlac, caught the attention of many netizens. The traumatizing video led many people to hate what police officer Jonel Nuezca had done. Netizens began posting to spread awareness of police brutality and used the hashtag #StopTheKillingPH. Facebook is one of … Read more