Watch Vhong Navarro Crying Because of Fear for Safety After Released of Cedric Lee and Siemon Raz from Jail (Video)

Comedian actor and Television host Vhong Navarro crying for fear of his safety and for his family after confirming that businessman Cedric Lee and Simeon Raz, Jr. were released from prisoned after posting bail on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at the amount of P500,000 each. Navarro claimed he was victimized of illegal detention last January … Read more

Deniece Cornejo Worried About Bailing Out- Know More Here

Model Deniece Cornejo is worried about bailing out because of insufficiency of funds. Even though she is relieved upon hearing the news of allowing her to bail out, the actress is still uneasy because she does not know where to get the that ample amount of money. It is remembered that Judge Esperaza Cortes of … Read more

Deniece Cornejo Send a Letter to President PNOY

Tony Calvento posted the letter of detained model Deniece Milinette Cornejo to President Benigno Aquino. The journalist official account in Facebook posted the letter of Deniece’s letter to Pnoy that describe her explanation about her case facing illegal detention charge. Here is some message of Deneice Cornejo to the President Pnoy: “I’m still an innocent … Read more

Deniece Cornejo’s Reaction On Allege OB Gyn Result

Deniece Cornejo finally break silence about the allege OB Gyn result that continues circulating on social media since it was first published by the on the month of February 2014. The alleged photo of OB Gyn result described that the 22-year-old model/stylists Deniece Cornejo is having vaginosis bacterial and she underwent Pap smear at … Read more

Vhong Navarro will Be Back in “Its Showtime”(Video)

Vhong Navarro returns on Noon Time Show of ABS-CBN “Its Showtime” revealed by the mystery video. Everyone is very excited to see the comedian and host Vhong Navarro to make his fans laugh and happier. Vhong Navarro is still ongoing the case that he files between Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo in remembered happen in … Read more