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Summer is fast approaching and we are all excited to spend the rest of our vacation but the question is do you have a place to go and enjoy, recreate and get away from the stress of the world. Maybe I could answer you question, here is the 6 six reason why you must put [...]

Summer fever is in the air, do you have any plans where to spend the rest of your vacation. If yes then try to watch this video and maybe your mind will change and if no this is a must watch video for you. Normally rest and recreation is needed by our body to rejuvenate, [...]

Summer is fast approaching and all of us is eager to know the best places in the world where we can spend our summer vacation. This is the perfect time to bond with our family and get away from stress from work and daily struggles in life. According to studies see breeze comes from beaches [...]

It has been told that Filipinos are great imitator, and besides, Filipinos are born intellectual, easy to learn and distinctive just like what these two Filipino-American brothers are doing. Marco and Marc Betito who are known for their unique talent of playing Chinese Yo-Yo dubbed as “Spyro” showcase their talent on the episode of Showtime [...]