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ShowTime Performers Shocked the Judges and Left Studio Audience Speechless. Amazing! Incredible!

It has been told that Filipinos are great imitator, and besides, Filipinos are born intellectual, easy to learn and distinctive just like what these two Filipino-American brothers are doing. Marco and Marc Betito who are known for their unique talent of playing Chinese Yo-Yo dubbed as “Spyro” showcase their talent on the episode of Showtime “PinaSikat” which amazing performance landed the Grand Final Champion.

Marco and Marc from San Mariano Santa Rosa Nueva Ecija shared that they learned the Chinese Yo-Yo after their visit at Disney World. Since then, the two got interest to learn and they started searching the internet to more tricks.

On the Grand Finale, Marco and Marc were using glow-in-the-dark Chinese Yo-Yo to give more attractions to judges and studio audience which give them scores of 10-10-10.

During the highlights of their performance Marco and Marc showcase the best of their talent by passing the glowing Chinese Yo-Yo to each other as these are balls of energy. The amazing speed of passing and catching the glowing Chinese Yo-Yo wowed all judges and studio audience and make them the first ever “PinaSikat” Grand Champion.

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