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Vice Ganda, a famous comedian celebrity and host revealed that he does not want to have kids in the future. He is currently in a relationship with Ion Perez. https://www.instagram.com/p/CB0NHW3J6HC/ In an episode of “Tawag ng Tanghalan” in Showtime, Vice stated that he does not want to expose his future child in the cruel world. [...]

“Its Showtime” Kuya Escort Ion Perez Instagram post went viral online. He replied the bashers “Mga Ulol” after his controversial way of sitting. According to Bashers, “Soon to be Bibi Gandang Hari. Sabi kona Barbie e.” Ion Perez replied to bashers, “Ano wala naba? Putanaydayo wala pala ako mapapala sa inyo hahahahahha.” “Upong koreano bakla agad? [...]

Top Trending Topic online! BB Gandanghari has this fiery statement against Vice Ganda during his YouTube Live last June 7, 2020. BB Gandanghari fiery statement It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda as “Bobita.”  BB reacts to Vice Ganda’s comment against her when he revealed her identity as BB Gandanghari from being Rustom Padilla. In previous interviews, Vice Ganda said that he loves Rustom so [...]

Top Trending topic online! Vice Ganda reacts to DJ Loonyo wrong information about COVID-19 Mass Testing. Recently, Vice message his frontliner sister Dra. Tina Viceral to clarify some inaccurate claims of COVID-19 Mass Testing.  According to Vice Ganda’s sister, “Hi Toy, wala naman pinapainom pag magpapa COVID test, pag PCR test, swabbing ang pagkuha ng specimen through the nose & oral cavity it takes few days bago lumabas ang result nun and the rapid [...]

Vice Ganda reacts DJ Loonyo about the meaning of COVID-19 Mass Testing. Vice Ganda decided to share some important information about COVID-19 “mass testing” He asked his frontliner sister to clarify some inaccurate claims and the meaning about COVID-19 Mass Testing.  The comedian DJ Loonyo on his Twitter post, ““Not to bash DJ Loonyo. This is just to correct ung mga maling chika about Covid tests,” the celebrity quipped. “I [...]

Kapamilya comedian Vice Ganda recently tweeted on Twitter, expressing his gratefulness towards those lawmakers who had shown their support to ABS-CBN. As we all know, ABS-CBN was taken down by the NTC or National Telecommunications Commission. Many Kapamilya stars and workers lost their jobs due to this issue. Vice Ganda thanked those who offered a [...]

The Kapamilya comedian Vice Ganda’s “Please unfollow me” tweet recently became viral as netizens kept on saying that he spreads “toxic positivity.” https://www.instagram.com/p/B_9v25fJf2A/?igshid=1r93kayog80si “Ayoko pong makadagdag sa mga pinagdadaanan niyo. Kung ok ako sa inyo at mga tweets ko please continue following me. Salamat po. Pero kung ayaw niyo sakin at sa mga tweets ko [...]

Vice Ganda to Bashers (Please unfollow me)

Top trending topic online! ABS-CBN star Vice Ganda recent tweet went viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The Unkabogable star replies to his bashers stated, “Ayoko pong makadagdag sa mga pinagdadaanan nyo. Kung ok ako sa inyo at mga tweets ko pls continue following me. Salamat po. Pero kung ayaw nyo sakin at sa mga tweets ko pls do urselves a little favor. Please unfollow me. Dont allow me to annoy you. And dnt be a toxic follower. “ [...]

Top Trending topic online! ABS-CBN star Vice Ganda tweet versus House Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta presentation video during ABS-CBN broadcast franchise hearing went viral on social networking sites.  House Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta received criticism for using videos of Kapamilya stars Kim Chiu and Vice Ganda at the ABS-CBN broadcast franchise hearing. This happened on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, when the congressman released Kim’s “Bawal Lumabas” video [...]

Kapamilya comedian Vice Ganda and Actress Liza Soberano are also among the celebrities who auction off their “pre-loved” items, this is to aim for the raising funds to secure the COVID-19 test kits specifically for those underprivileged communities. They are among the celebrities who participate in Shop & Share, a fundraiser spearheaded by fellow Kapamilya [...]