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A young Catholic preacher is making round in social media and is recently covered by Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS) on December 2, 2018 episode. He is no other than but Reverend Deacon Efren Jay-R Gubac Jr. According to the most of the girls who knows Reverend Jay-R, he is too attractive to become a [...]

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho is a GMA Public Service Affair that features different culture and lives of Filipinos. Hosted by  TV host Jessica Soho here’s one amazing episode. There’s a house in Lapayon, Leganes Iloilo, there’s a big lump of soil or “Nuno sa Punso” that grew inside the house of a woman named Baby [...]

If you’re really destined to one another, destiny will just find its way to cross your road even if bridges seem to collapse for several times. The love story of Tan and Tein is one of a kind that happens only in a teleserye. When this video uploaded from the channel of KMJS it garnered [...]

Top trending topics in social media that everyone is familiar with the so called ‘Meme Queen’ which is making rounds on the internet these past few months. Did anyone have any idea what is the real story? Meanwhile, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho finds her that will be end all wrong speculations about the ‘Meme Queen’. [...]