Dennis Padilla Confirmed Gerald Anderson Loves His Daughter Julia Barretto


Dennis Padilla commented on Gerald Anderson’s love for his daughter, Julia Barretto, saying, “After all these years, he has proven that he loves my child.” However, Dennis hopes that Gerald would initiate a man-to-man talk.

Dennis Padilla was asked for his reaction regarding the strong relationship between Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson. Julia is Dennis’s daughter with his ex-wife, Marjorie Barretto. In March 2023, Gerald declared that he sees Julia as the woman he wants to marry when the right time comes. Alongside this, there were rumors circulating on social media suggesting that the two might be secretly married and not disclosing their true relationship status to the public. However, Julia and Gerald denied those rumors. In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in September 2023, Julia mentioned that she and Gerald are not in a rush to get married.

Dennis agrees with this sentiment. “Let’s take it slow, it’s fine to be boyfriend-girlfriend for now,” the actor said. Dennis was interviewed during the press conference for the film “Magic Hurts,” held at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City on February 24, 2024. Dennis continued, “And for women nowadays, they don’t rush into marriage. Back in our time, if you were 25 years old and still unmarried, they’d say, ‘You’re getting old, and you’re still not married.’ Now it’s different. Thirty, 31…”

Is he ready to become a grandfather if the time comes? Dennis replied, “I want to. I’ve been waiting for so long. I have many children who are already capable of having their own children, but they don’t want to yet.” Regarding his daughter Julia, Dennis added, “For Julia, it’s okay. I didn’t tell her not to have children, just not to get married yet.” He mentioned that it’s the couple’s decision on how they want to navigate their relationship.

On the other hand, many celebrity couples are reportedly splitting up in early 2024.

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