Vhong Navarro To Madlang people: “Magkikita Tayo Muli”


On the final day before the suspension of “It’s Showtime,” Vhong Navarro took a moment to address the audience, expressing his gratitude and affection for their unwavering support. As the episode concluded, Vhong warmly extended an invitation to viewers, introducing a temporary replacement program to keep them entertained during the break. This thoughtful gesture aimed to ensure that the audience would still have a dose of entertainment while eagerly anticipating the show’s return.

Vhong Navarro revealed the exciting news that they would be back on October 28 for the much-anticipated finale of “Mini Ms. U.” This announcement sparked anticipation and enthusiasm among viewers who had grown attached to the show and its hosts. Despite the temporary parting, Vhong emphasized that the bond between the show and its audience would remain strong, assuring everyone that the days would pass quickly, and they would be reunited before they knew it.

In his closing words, Vhong conveyed the genuine sentiment of missing the audience, acknowledging the special connection they share. He reassured the viewers that the short hiatus would feel like a fleeting moment, and the “It’s Showtime” team would be back, ready to create more unforgettable moments and bring joy to their lives once again. This message left the audience with a warm feeling of hope and anticipation for the return of their beloved show.

“Maraming salamat, madlang people… Abangan n’yo po bukas ang ‘It’s Your Lucky Day’ with Luis Manzano, Melai Cantiveros Francisco, Shaina Magdayao, Jennica Garcia, Seth, Francine, Long, Negi, Petit at Tetay. At kami naman po sa aming pagbabalik, October 28. Magsasama-sama tayo muli para sa Mini Ms. U: The Cutest Finale… Kaya madlang people, we’ll be right back. We will miss you, but it will be fast. So let’s meet again.”

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