Cristine Reyes Confirmed Annulment with Ali Khatibi and Her Reason Is


In a recent guest appearance on “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda,” Cristine Reyes candidly opened up about the current status of her marriage with MMA fighter Ali Khatibi. The actress revealed that their marriage has already been annulled for quite some time, specifying that this legal process took place more than a year ago.

Despite the significant change in her marital status, Cristine explained that she chose not to make a public announcement about the annulment, emphasizing that it wasn’t an event she deemed celebratory.

Cristine’s decision to keep the annulment private might stem from a desire to handle personal matters with discretion and maintain a sense of privacy amid public scrutiny. Announcing the end of a marriage can be a sensitive matter, and individuals often approach it with varying levels of openness.

In the interview, Cristine was also asked about her current romantic relationship with actor Marco Gumabao. Responding to whether marriage discussions were on the table for them, she confirmed that they have indeed talked about the prospect of getting married. This revelation adds a layer of anticipation to Cristine’s personal life, hinting at the possibility of a new chapter and a fresh start in her romantic journey.

Overall, Cristine Reyes’ revelations in the “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” interview provide a glimpse into her personal life, shedding light on the resolution of her past marriage and the potential future plans she has explored with her current boyfriend, Marco Gumabao. The interview captures the complexities of relationships, personal growth, and the delicate balance between public and private disclosures in the realm of celebrity life.

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