Bea Alonzo Remarks Wedding Plans


Bea Alonzo, in a recent interview on the Very W^ng YouTube channel, expressed her inability to divulge any specifics about her wedding preparations with Dominic Roque. She cited her hectic schedule as the primary reason for being unable to share details.

According to Bea, they have not yet formulated any plans regarding their wedding, and her response to inquiries about the topic was centered around this lack of concrete plans.

Even with Valentine’s Day approaching, it appears that Bea and Dominic have not solidified any arrangements, and there is a possibility that Bea might be engaged in a work commitment, such as a taping, on that day.

Adding to the discussion, Dominic Roque had previously mentioned that Kathryn Bernardo is invited to their wedding. However, when Bea was questioned about the potential invitation of Kathniel (referring to Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla), she found herself unable to provide a definitive answer. This situation hints at the uncertainties surrounding the guest list and further contributes to the anticipation surrounding Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque’s upcoming nuptials.

Bea Alonzo is recognized for her acting prowess and is known for being one of the most admired on-screen partners of John Lloyd Cruz. Some of their blockbuster films include One More Chance, Miss You Like Crazy, and A Second Chance.

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