Kris Aquino Reveals Bimby Needs To Work For Her Hospital Bills 


In response to a netizen, Queen of All Media Kris Aquino stated that her son Bimby must work to help with her medical payments.

Instagram user “Cristine” recently posted on social media, expressing that she is hoping for Kris’s quick recovery.

In response, The Queen of All Media gave her statement in the Newsko article. After her birthday, Kris revealed that her son Bimby would return to the Philippines since he needed to work to pay for her medical bills.

As a stage mom, Kris added in her response that she still wants her son to use her name.

“Bimb might go home after my birthday. He needs to work because my medical bills are already getting higher & higher. The stage mom is already saying NO to a name change. He’ll stay as Bimb. No last name, like Drake,” Kris said.

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