Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon will have “Secret Wedding” Soon, Confirm?


Ogie Diaz has revealed in a new video that Charlie Dizon and Carlo Aquino, two well-known people, will secretly wed this year.

Carlo claimed that Charlie is “the one” for him based on a previous article.

In an interview, Charlie and Carlo confirmed their relationship, and the actress said that he was the “biggest surprise” of her life. When he came in, everything changed, and it was with him that she was able to have a genuine relationship.

Ogie Diaz talked regarding both of them, who were portrayed as “napanaginipan” in a recent video. In line with his “dream,” they intend to get married soon enough, joking, “Napanaginipan ko lang naman.”

“Pero secret marriage… sa panaginip ko lang naman,” he continued.

Although he was not invited to this event in his “dream,” it is scheduled for this year. He has already had the opportunity to meet Charlie’s parents, who are simply waiting for their different work terms to end in order to look into this.

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