Boss Toyo’s Ear Grabbed By Her Wife Loves Jhoy Due to Inappropriate Gesture


“In the store owned by Boss Toyo, a striking model pays a visit with the intention of buying jewelry. She specifically requests assistance from Boss Toyo in finding the perfect necklace. Despite Boss Toyo’s wife, Loves Jhoy Maldo, volunteering to help, the persistent customer declines her offer, insisting on Boss Toyo’s assistance.

After a short wait, Boss Toyo arrives at the store and shows excitement upon encountering the beautiful model. Taking charge, he presents the finest items in the display and attempts to place the necklace around the model’s neck. However, this action raises concerns, particularly from his wife Loves Jhoy, who perceives it as a moment that could be misinterpreted.

Upon observing Boss Toyo seemingly inclining his face towards the model’s chest while assisting with the necklace, Loves Jhoy’s reaction intensifies. In response to what she deems an inappropriate or overly familiar gesture, Loves Jhoy acts promptly by grabbing her husband’s ear—a physical response indicating surprise and disapproval.

As Boss Toyo is on the verge of putting the necklace on the model, Loves Jhoy, closely watching, becomes visibly upset. Her reaction implies discomfort and disapproval, suggesting that Boss Toyo’s interaction with the model may be crossing boundaries. This creates tension, with Loves Jhoy reacting to what she perceives as her husband’s overly intimate involvement with the customer. The unfolding story introduces elements of intrigue and potential conflict within the jewelry store.

The incident gains attention on social media, with fans and supporters of Boss Toyo’s Facebook page expressing comments that contribute to the video’s increasing number of viewers. The video subsequently goes viral online.”

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