Statement of Pastor Dimver Andales, Alleged Suspect behind Adriane Rovic Fornillos’ Death


Viral now on the internet is a revelation of Adriane Rovic Fornillos’ death. Sources and witnesses all point to one person, who was revealed to be a Pastor.

Pastor Dimver Andales was the sugar daddy of Jone Leanel Orog. According to the post, Pastor Andales killed Adriane Rovic Fornillos after being jealous of Adriane and Jone’s prenup shoot.

Pastor Andales supported Jone financially. Even Adriane himself was aware of Jone and Pastor Andales’ relationship. After some time, Adriane realized that he wanted Jone out of her relationship with her “sugar daddy”.

Pastor Andales snapped after Jone and Adriane’s prenup shoot came out and made Jone decide who he should kill. Jone picked Adriane to be killed by Pastor Andales.

In an exclusive interview, Pastor Andales strongly denied the accusations made against him. He emphasized that he is puzzled and disturbed by the timing of these allegations which come almost four months after the sad situation involving Fornillos.

“I was in Bukidnon on May 9 with my family when the tragic event occurred. I urge the public to critically evaluate these accusations, considering that the sources behind the rumors appear to be dubious dummy accounts,” Pastor Andales said.

“It’s disheartening to see my name being tarnished in this manner. My family and I have been enduring undue stress due to these unfounded claims,” he added.

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